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Soirée de jeu-questionnaire
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Organiser un jeu de questions amusant n'a jamais été aussi facile. Commandez un quiz préparé sur notre site web. Idéal pour une soirée de jeu de questions avec des amis ou des collègues. Que vous organisiez un quiz à domicile, dans votre pub local, au bureau ou simplement en ligne (par exemple via Microsoft Teams ou Zoom), nous avons ce qu'il vous faut !

A Fun Pub Quiz

Our online pub quizzes are made in Kahoot! After payment, you will receive a personal link to your own online pub quiz. All you have to do is share this Kahoot! quiz on a screen and let everyone participate in the pub quiz using their own smartphone. With our quizzes, you can easily organize an interactive trivia game activity with fun questions.

  • Delivered instantly by email

  • Automatic scoring

  • You can add your own questions (including photos)

  • Play on location or online (MS Teams / Zoom)

Our Quizzes

Order a ready-made quiz starting from only 19 dollars.

How to organize a pub quiz?

You can organize a pub quiz online or on location. Organizing a pub quiz is not difficult. You invite everyone and we provide the pub quiz! You can easily order the quiz on our website. Immediately after placing your order, you will receive the quiz in your inbox. Our pub quiz comes with fun questions, videos, and music fragments. Of course, divided into various categories and themes. So you are ready to compete with your friends or colleagues! Want to know more? Our 'how does it work' page explains step by step how to organize a pub quiz.

What is a pub quiz?

What is a Pub Quiz?

A pub quiz, also known as a trivia game, is a quiz in which teams of players compete against each other by answering questions on various subjects. The goal of the pub quiz is to test the knowledge of the participants in a fun and enjoyable way. The quiz can be played online or on paper. You can buy a ready-made pub quiz on our website. Of course, you can also choose to create your own quiz. If you want to create your own pub quiz, we are happy to help you with the tips below.

Trivia Categories

There are many different categories that can be used for an online or printed pub quiz. Below are some examples:


Questions about important events, people, and periods in history.


Questions about different sports, athletes, and matches.


Questions about different genres, artists, and songs.

Film & Television

Questions about famous movies, series, and actors/actresses.

Science & Technology

Questions about scientific discoveries, inventions, and technologies.


Questions about famous authors, books, and literary movements.


Questions about countries, cities, geographical features, and landmarks.

Art & Culture

Questions about artists, art movements, and cultural traditions.

Food & Drinks

Questions about culinary dishes, drinks, and ingredients.

These are just a few examples of possible categories that can be used in a pubquiz. It is up to the quizmaster to decide which categories best fit the group of players and the level of the quiz.

How is a pub quiz played?

How is a Pub Quiz or Trivia Game Played?

A pub quiz or trivia game is usually played in teams of two to six players. Each round consists of a number of questions asked by a quizmaster. The teams write down their answers on paper or digitally and submit them to the quizmaster at the end of each round.

Depending on the setup of the pub quiz, an intermediate scoreboard can be announced after each round, or the scores can be kept secret until the end of all rounds.

Various types of questions can be asked, such as multiple-choice questions, open questions, image rounds, or audio fragments. Some quizzes also have a joker round where teams can double their points for that round.

The team with the highest score at the end of all rounds generally wins the pub quiz. In case of a tie, a tiebreaker question can be asked.

A quiz is often fun and casual, so anyone can participate! Interested? Then buy a ready-to-play pub quiz on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions about an Online Pubquiz

What is the duration of a pub trivia game?

Het hangt af van welke quiz je bestelt, maar met onze kleinste variant heb je 45 minuten plezier en met de grootste quiz ben je 1,5 uur zoet.

What do I need to organize pub trivia?

The only thing you need is a screen. We advise you to display the quiz on a TV or project it using a projector. You can also simply show it on a laptop.

Can I make changes to the trivia game?

If you want to make other (or more) changes than adding 10 custom questions, we can offer this through our "Custom Trivia Game" service. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

For which target audience are the pub trivia games suitable?

The trivia games of QuizMaestro are suitable for all groups over the age of 16.

How often can I play the online pub quiz?

After purchasing our pub trivia, your unique link will remain valid for 1 month. During this period, you can play the trivia game as many times as you want.

Can I play a pub trivia game at home as well?

Yes, of course! You can play the pub trivia game at home by displaying it on your TV or on a laptop. Perfect for a fun evening with friends or family.

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