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How to Play Pub Trivia?

Are you organizing a trivia game or a pub quiz at a pub, a corporate event, or simply for a fun evening with friends or family? We're here to help you so that you can organize a fun trivia quiz!

Trivia Night: How Does it Work?

Our quizzes are created in Kahoot! All you need to organize a trivia night or pub quiz is the screen of your laptop or tablet. Of course, you can also use a larger screen. It's that easy! You can play a quiz in just three steps:

Play a Trivia Quiz with Kahoot!

1. Start the quiz
Open the quiz on your computer or tablet, and optionally connect it to a larger screen.
2. Connect with your phone
Each player can connect with their phone to participate in the quiz and answer the questions.
3. Let's get started!
Is everyone connected to the quiz? It's time to show who really knows it all. Have fun!

Want to Know More About Organizing a Pub Trivia Activity

Unlock the secrets to creating unforgettable pub trivia nights with our comprehensive guide. Whether you're a seasoned quizmaster or new to the world of trivia, this resource will help you to host entertaining and engaging pub quiz events that keep participants coming back for more.